Sakaki, Kamon "Silver"

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Sakaki, Kamon "Silver"

Post by MizuJakkaru » February 25th, 2020, 9:01 am

I will not regret my actions. wrote:Name: Kamon Sakaki
Nickname: Silver
Age: 19 (December 24th)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Viridian City, Kanto
Family: Giovanni Sakaki (Father), Unknown (Mother)

Trainer Orientation: Chaotic Neutral
Trainer Class: Trainer
Trainer Title: Pokémon Exchanger
Starter Pokémon: Sneasel

Junichi Masuda ~ Battle! Rival (Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver)
It has got nothing to do with guts or courage. wrote:
Feraligatr [Male]An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.
Stolen when it was just a Totodile from Professor Elm's, Silver's Feraligatr is, nevertheless, extremely loyal to the boy. It's quite apt at battling and is one of his stronger combatants, having mastered the powerful Hydro Cannon technique. Feraligatr is also very capable, able to pick up on new moves and technique with uncanny skill. Over the years, the Feraligatr has gone from being disdainful under Silver's hand to caring for the boy, as proven from his knowledge of the move Return in his maturity, rather than the move Frustration from his youth.
—Stolen in New Bark Town from Professor Elm.

Ability: Torrent
Nature: Quiet
Move Pool: Aqua Tail, Bite, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Hydro Cannon, Ice Punch, Low Kick, Return, Slash, Surf

Weavile [Male]It is impossible to walk rapidly and be unhappy.
Having been with Silver since his early youth, Weavile is the oldest of Silver's Pokémon and his most trusted. He has protected Silver for a long time, ever since he was kidnapped in his youth, going through the same horrors as his Trainer. Weavile is a capable battler and is very fast, zipping around with unmatched speed in battles. The Pokémon is prone to not staying in his capsule, especially now that the trials of Silver's youth don't require it of him anymore, and can often be seen at the boy's side.
—Received in Viridian City from Giovanni Sakaki.

Ability: Pressure
Nature: Quirky
Move Pool: Beat Up, Blizzard, Faint Attack, Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Protect, Quick Attack, Rock Smash, Slash, Thief

Honchkrow [Male] - It is a storm indeed, but a storm of murk.
Not much of a battler, Honchkrow is more of a novelty Pokémon in Silver's team. He is more of a supporter than anything, in battles, and somewhat of a nuisance, as Honchkrow go. Silver has been known to use Honchkrow to fly short distances, but is now too old to travel very far due to his stature. Honchkrow is fond of dirty tactics in battle, focusing more on pissing the opponent off than anything else. Honchkrow is small for his species, not much larger than a Murkrow is.
—Received in Viridian City from Giovanni Sakaki.

Ability: Insomnia
Nature: Adamant
Move Pool: Attract, Foul Play, Night Slash, Pluck, Pursuit, Sucker Punch, Superpower, Swagger, Thief, Wing Attack

Kingdra [Female]As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love.
Originally not under his training, Silver took care of Leaf's Snubbull while she tended Kingdra (then a Horsea) for him. When Silver got her back, it had evolved to a Seadra. He traded her again for a short time to Jimmy, where it evolved to it's final form. She's quite a competent fighter and is serious in battle. Silver favors her mostly for water battles, given she is the only other Pokémon he has who can fight in such a field.
—Captured on Route 21.

Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Serious
Move Pool: Brine, Dragon Dance, Draco Meteor, Outrage, Rain Dance, Rest, SmokeScreen, Substitute, Twister, Waterfall

Crobat [Male]Describe a circle, stroke its back and it turns vicious.
Captured in Johto, Crobat is as vicious as its make up implies. Swift in battle, it can outrage even the calmest of enemies. While perhaps not as strong as most, it's very keen on whittling down an opponent's health little by little. Crobat is known for being a pest already, but this one is just even more so, and Silver takes a bit of pride in that fact...
—Captured in Dark Cave.

Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Naughty
Move Pool: Cross Poison, Confuse Ray, Heat Wave, Hidden Power (Fighting), Roost, Sludge Bomb, Super Fang, Taunt, U-Turn, Wing Attack

Ursaring [Male]Count your courage instead of your fears.
Silver captured Ursaring fully evolved in Johto with the help of Jimmy. Ursaring is the veritable powerhouse of Silver's team, a tank if nothing else. Since Silver rediscovered Giovanni, Ursaring had been tending to Silver's father, though now it's returned to him. Ursaring trained with Giovanni during his stay with the man, and has picked up the move Earthquake from the renown former Gym Leader. As it were, Ursaring has a bit of a sweet tooth.
—Captured on Route 33.

Ability: Guts
Nature: Bold
Move Pool: Close Combat, Crunch, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Facade, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Return, Strength, Swords Dance
So... you refuse to back off? wrote:Silver takes his nickname (which he almost always go by) from the gray-silver color of his eyes, which are usually shaded by his long, red hair. His hair falls to about his shoulders, and it a bit unkempt and spiky towards the end. Sometimes it's spiky enough that it looks like quills, sometimes it lays flat and formless. Probably depends on the blasted humidity. His bangs are layered, and fall heavier on the right side of his face. He's usually either wearing an expression of neutrality, or glaring a glare that would put a Gyarados to shame.

Silver's outfit has been pretty constant through his time as a Trainer. He always wears a black jacket of some sort, and the neck of this jacket is rather high. It's always zipped up, though under it he wears a black shirt. It's trimmed in red to match his hair, and also has various red designs on the front. His pants vary from gray-white in color to proper jeans. His shoes also vary, both in style and how he wears them, but never in color, they're always black and red. If he wears his boots, he tucks his pant legs into them but if he wears his kicks, he lets his pants fall over them.
Artwork by Sugimori (front), Tetsuko (top) and Agakunoda (bottom).
Rather than fight recklessly... it makes more sense to tackle the source of the problem! wrote:Silver is a stoic individual, but very thorough in everything he does. He's calm in the face of danger, but has been known to let his anger get the best of him on very rare occasion. Silver is extremely clever and very deft as battle and theft, among other things.

He doesn't tend to show emotion, except for maybe determination and anger, but he's not a mean person at heart. He is, rather, very caring. He cares for his friends and Blue perhaps most of all, treating her as an elder sister. He also cares for his Pokémon, though he's harsh in their training. He's also not afraid to accept a challenge.
Allow the quiet ripples of time to heal your tired heart. wrote:Born in Viridian City, Silver does not remember much of his youth. Instead, most of what he can recall is from when he was kidnapped and made to be a servant to a villain in Johto. It was here that he bonded with a girl called Leaf, whom he considers almost an elder sister.

After he escaped with Leaf, he traversed Johto, searching for secrets to his past. Along the way he met many people, whom eventually would become his friends, Jimmy and Chris among them. In Johto he also captured what makes up his team, ranging from the Totodile he stole from Professor Elm to the powerhouse of an Ursaring he captured outside Azalea.

Unable to even find any clues concerning his past after confronting the villain that kidnapped him in his youth, he still did not give up. Eventually he explored Kanto for hints to who he was. There, after Team Rocket members in the area rounded him up, he learned who he was, and who he was related to. Giovanni, the former Boss of Team Rocket, was his father.

He at first refused to believe that this was true, due to his considerable hate of Team Rocket. Giovanni even took it as insulting that Silver did not want to join him. At some point, Giovanni protected the boy against Team Rocket's intentions, and became wounded in the process. It was Gary that helped Silver realize that he should accept Giovanni as his father.

Years have passed since then, and Giovanni has healed of his wounds. But Silver, per se, has not. He has accepted Giovanni as his father, and even though Giovanni has left Team Rocket behind him, Silver still has trouble accepting the man in full. Perhaps only time will tell if Silver will finally accept Giovanni.
And when that fateful day comes... I will put an end to all of this! wrote:Silver surveyed the area around him, taking in the fog that clung to the branches like drapes clung to windows. He stepped through the area softly, hardly stirring the leaves of the evergreen forest as he slipped around the place with ease. Weavile was at his side, Honchkrow upon his shoulder.

It has been a long time since they were here. Ever since he'd confronted them an that had kidnapped him, he had avoided the place. It brought back... unpleasant memories. How long had it been since he'd seen any of the others? Oh... years... Leaf had kept in contact with him, of course. But they hadn't really sat down to visit since the showdown in Hoenn.

How long since he'd seen any of them? Jimmy and him had even started to bond in a type of friendship. It was nothing compared to a normal bond, but it was something. Red, Yellow, Chris... Gary had helped him make amends with Giovanni... Last he had heard of the researcher, he was in Sinnoh. That was so far from Ilex Forest that Silver hadn't even considered traversing to the other Region.

It had been even longer since that he had fled his father. He didn't even know the whereabouts of the older man. He'd accepted Giovanni as his father, but it had still been hard. He even refused the name that his father had given him. "Kamon" was alien to him, he could not walk in that name's shoes. "Silver" was too familiar. He sighed and leaned his back against a great tree. Honchkrow ruffled his feathers and settled once more upon his shoulder. Weavile gazed at him curiously.

His eyes glazed over. It hurt... it hurt not knowing what to do. Maybe it hurt more than no knowing who he was... At least when he hadn't known his past he hadn't known what was missing. Now he knew. He hated himself. Giovanni was trying to make better the past that had been shattered by so many wrongs, but what was Silver himself doing? Nothing! But it hurt so badly to think of where he came from...

His fists clenched and he raised one arm to his eyes, subduing the tears that threatened. No. He would be strong! Strong even than his own... his own father! Silver dropped his arm back to his side and looked back in the direction whence he came. He held his chin high, stubborn. Enough hiding. Time to sort things out. No matter how hard it was. No matter how the pain wrenched his heart.
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