Poni Island

Poni Island is the southwestern of the four major islands of Alola. Tapu Fini is the island's guardian deity. The most wild and untrammeled of the islands, Poni Island is home to the Battle Tree, where contenders vie to see whom is the best. With only one "proper" Island Trial, sometimes people skip over Poni Island... though it would be a heck of a place to miss!
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  • Seafolk Village
    Seafolk Village is a large docking area where many people who take residence in their ship come to sell wares, socialize, and stock up on supplies and food. The island is one of the most remote, thus making a good island to set up in for the hermit like residents.
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  • Battle Tree
    The Battle Tree is a competitive Pokémon battling competition area, on the northern end of Poni Island. This area of the island is often barred access from rookie trainers, and if not, then it surely would be a struggle to reach this area with all the capable trainers populating the areas. It's been known that famous trainers from the world around come to the Battle Tree on occasion to participate in competition. This area in itself is very remote, with only a Poké Center stationed here, and the staff of the Battle Tree itself.
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