Wild Pokémon Form

Here's where you can find the topics to request staff to play Pokémon or canons in your threads and also where you can document your character's abilities becoming stronger.
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Wild Pokémon Form

Post by PokéFiends PC » September 17th, 2018, 1:43 am

This is the topic where you submit a form to the staff concerning any method of catching a Pokémon. For detailed information, please read the Catching Pokémon topic in the Trainer's Guide.

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[b]System:[/b] Capture Arena, In-Thread, One Shot, Fossil/Egg
[b]Thread:[/b] A link to the thread your character is in.
[b]Character:[/b] A link to your character's profile.
[b]Pokémon:[/b] Either list Pokémon that the staff will pick randomly from, or state which specific breed you want. Keep in mind to reference from applicable Location Guides only.
[b]Shiny:[/b] Yes/no (one shot/in-thread only), or random. Capture Arena results will always be random, while In-Thread and One-Shots are by staff review if shiny Pokémon are requested.
[b]Alternate Coloration:[/b] If your 'mon is not shiny, but you wanted them to be a bit different, state the differences here. A mod will approve them if they're in reason when going over your request.

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