Mikain, Laith

Final profiles for minor characters which are defined by being supernatural (aura guardian, psychic, or otherwise).
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Mikain, Laith

Post by Dischord » March 13th, 2020, 4:38 pm

Hello, I'm the Doctor. wrote:Name: Laith Mikain
Nickname: The Doctor, Timelord
Age: 30 (Appears), 4,500+ (Actual)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Oforai
Family: Sierra Mikain (Wife; Deceased), Thasrian Mikain (Son; Deceased), Sarasa Mikain (Daughter-in-Law; Deceased), Ciara L. Mikain (Granddaughter)

Trainer Orientation: Neutral Good
Trainer Class: Devout of Dialga, Wanderer
Starter Pokémon: None

Player Permission: Dischord

Artwork by Rayelei (front, back).
All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start? wrote:Laith Mikain was born Ilathrian Talavir, in the region that would become known as Oforai, before the country's inception. His family, the line of Talavir, had long since made a deal with Dialga. In return for their service guarding and protecting the streams of time, for holding history true to its course, their family would be long lived, and ever pledged in service to Dialga. They were referred to, in their own way, as Timelords, the High Priests of Dialga. Men and women who strode along time, long lived, recording history and guiding the world as they lived. Each had a lifespan that diminished as they grew older. Not truly timeless, but instead living greatly extended periods of time, watching the world develop, and extending their hands in aid only where they were instructed.

Laith lived in service to Dialga for the early years of his life, eventually catapulting to the position of High Priest. His entire world was turned on it's head the first time he met Sierra Mikain, a young woman with Aura Vampirism who was in service to Lunala. A brilliant and flickering star to whom he was drawn. But it was no chance that Laith and Sierra ended up together. Brought together by divine providence, by the hand of Arceus itself, Laith and Sierra were part of a wave of people who fought against one of the many early incarnations of the Darkness. And when their world threatened to tear itself asunder and brave souls stood against the Darkness, Sierra stood alongside those heroes and legends of their age. But in the end, she sacrificed herself to save others - an event that Laith had known was coming and forced himself to walk away from. Of all of Dialga's most sacred laws, and the one that he could not break, was interference in points in time that Dialga dictated as 'fixed'. Those which could not be changed without dire consequence; Sierra's death was deemed one such point.

Sierra's death came only a few months after the birth of their son, an event that they had thought impossible and though Laith was left to raise the boy alone, he did what he could for him. As one of the last of the line of Talavir, it would eventually be up to Thasrian to take up the mantle of Timelord and walk the pathways of time as his father did. But as fate does so frequently, it intervened. Instead, Laith met another of the Mikain line, a young woman by the name of Sarasa, during their travels. Eventually, Sarasa would become the woman his son wed. And so Laith once again allowed events to take their natural course. Sarasa's inheritance of the Mikain family blessing, and its inversion as Sierra's had been, wasn't a surprise to the man. His granddaughter was the surprise.

No one had expected Ciara to be born because of the unique circumstances surrounding her mother and father. Aura Vampirism often halted the aging of the one possessed of it, and so Sarasa's pregnancy had been against the formidable odds of circumstance. However, when Ciara was born some nine months later, her eyes a bright red, as was common in her family, Laith was overjoyed. Fate once again spun though, as moments after her birth, her right eye turned blue. Laith, of course, having experienced the same after he'd entered into the pact with Dialga, knew what this meant. His granddaughter had been marked by the God of Time, entered into the same pact as he before she could ever truly consent to it. But as time was tricky, Laith didn't panic, expecting that this was instead a bargain entered with at some point in the future and reflecting backwards into the past. As time itself was tricky, even without the intervention of Dialga himself, Laith knew better than to question.

When Thasrian and Sarasa eventually gave up the extensions of their life to his granddaughter, Laith mourned in private the loss of his son and daughter-in-law. Eventually, Laith turned his attentions to raising Ciara, teaching her at his heels everything that he could regarding the flow of time, and more importantly, teaching her the ways and duties of those who walked the pathways of time. But Laith's time with his granddaughter wasn't absolute, even though she was long-lived as he was. Instead, he was pulled away once more, into service by Dialga. And now, he stands as a shepard over the world, watching as the Darkness once again rises, forbidden to interfere save where directed.

But, every now and then, a hand reaches out to offer someone safety in the madness that spreads across the world....

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