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Final profiles for characters which are defined by being in an organized military.
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Beroya, Rhav

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Cin vhetin. wrote:Name: Rhav Beroya
Nickname: Rhavena Kurtis, Rav, The Armorer
Age: 32 (July 23rd)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Socorro, New Mexico, Unova
Family: James Kurtis (Father), Madison Kurtis (Mother), Sheresh Beroya (Younger Sister)

Trainer Orientation: Chaotic Good
Trainer Class: Mandalorian, Mercenary
Starter Pokémon: Axew
Jesse Harlin - Aay'han
Context: Personal Theme

Jesse Harlin ~ Vode An
Context: Mandalorian Cultural Theme
Ne shab'rud'ni... wrote:
Ne'tra [Female Shiny Haxorus] — "Not everything dark is negative, not everything light is positive."
Ne'tra first came to Rhav as an Axew, a sixth birthday gift from the girl's grandfather, Alexander Kurtis, after a trip the elder male made to Mistralton Cave.  Axew was, overall, a very vibrant and excitable little pokémon, and fit well with the outdoorsy attitude that Rhav was rapidly developing.  A constant companion for the girl during the many camping trips she made with her father, Ne'tra, then Axew, and Rhav were fairly inseparable while she was growing up.  As a Haxorus, Ne'tra is one of the most battle worthy of Rhav's team, and the two regularly spar it out to keep Rhav in top shape.  The Pokémon didn't receive her current name until after Rhav had gone native into the Mandalorian culture.  She named the Haxorus "ne'tra" which means "black" in Mando'a, for the Pokémon's dark coloring.
—Received in Socorro, New Mexico from Grandfather Kurtis.
Beten [Female Shiny Krilowatt] — "Don't be such a di'kut.  I always look like this. "
Beten was captured as a relatively tiny little Protokrill during a fishing trip taken with James to the Gulf of Mexico.  Angry looking from the beginning, she's always had a rather grumpy disposition, even when Rhav was her most attentive and kind toward the Pokémon.  The duo have a rather strained working relationship, with the Pokémon often outright ignoring Rhav, unless business is serious. She refused to take part in normal trainer battles.  This continued until Protokrill evolved into Krilowatt.  While Beten's disposition improved somewhat, she still looked quite angry, and is generally dismissive of others as incapable, unless of course they belong to her owner. Rhav named her "beten", which means "sigh" in Mando'a, so named for Rhav's usual reaction to something the Pokémon has done - a frustrated sigh.
—Captured on a fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico.
Racin [Male Ludicolo] — "I'm not 'funny,' I'm 'unique,' and you're jealous."
Racin is another member of Rhav's team having been captured as a Lotad during a trek through White Forest.  The impromptu camping trip was one of the last ones that Rhav took before enlisting in the military, and she wandered across the Lotad as it was moving from a small pond that had gone dry in search of a better water source.  His leaf was wilted, and Rhav immediately packed up her camp and took the Pokémon to the nearest major water source.  Once he had fully recovered, she challenged him and after a surprisingly interesting - and fun - battle, captured him.  She named him "racin" which means "pale" in Mando'a, the only Pokémon of his coloring she'd ever seen.
—Captured in White Forest.
Gaanla [Female Aurumoth] — "They darkened the sky, and I chose you."
Gaanla joined Rhav's team when the woman was in active service, during a set of training exercises in the deep wood in an undisclosed location.  She'd been separated from her platoon during the exercise, as all of them were set to find their way back to a specific locale by a set time.  It was well after dark when a number of Aurumoth lit out of the heavy trees, taking to the skies to flit about in the moonlight.  Rhav stood watching the Aurumoth for almost an hour before finally choosing the Pokémon she would eventually call her own.  Gaanla is an even tempered Pokémon, who gets along well with her owner – mostly because of Rhav's choice of snack.  All the potatoes she could ever want.  She named her "gaanla," the word for "chosen".
—Obtained during training exercises; location unknown.
Ca'tra [Female Necturna] — "Nocturna steals the night."
Ca'tra is one of the two Pokémon that Rhav captured after she left the military, but before she went Mando.  Ca'tra is a quiet and somewhat skittish Pokémon.  She interacts well enough with Rhav, but generally tries to keep her distance from everyone else.  Rhav doesn't summon Ca'tra except during nighttime, or under heavily overcast skies, and even then, she generally refuses to use the Pokémon for long during those periods.  She does use Ca'tra when interrogating an individual due to the Pokémon's unique ability to sense dishonesty. Ca'tra was captured when Rhav was in a very dark place, having originally gone to the forest after losing her closest friends in the service, and her fiance, with every intention to die.  Originally thinking it a ghost of someone else who had died in the forest, she pleaded with her to give her some reason, any reason, to live.  Moved by the woman's misery, she willingly gave herself up to be captured.  Ca'tra's capture made her responsible for it, making Rhav unable to kill herself, lest the Pokémon suffer as well.  While she does not often tell the story behind Ca'tra's capture, the Pokémon saved her life.  Her name is "ca'tra" which means "night sky".
—Captured in Aokigahara Forest, Japan.
Kaden [Male Voodoom] — "What you do, what you do with your voodoo. What you doin' to me?"
The final member of Rhav's team, Kaden is, hands down, the most aggressive and violent of the Pokémon that Rhav has captured.  With his size, he's usually the first one that she calls on for assistance in anything of a physical capacity. He's also the one she calls on during some of her more dangerous missions to assist her in body disposal.  He's also the only Pokémon she possesses as willing as she is to kill to accomplish a mission.  The two have a good working relationship.  Kaden was obtained when she killed his former owner during her mercenary work fairly early on.  He only respects her because of the willingness she showed to go to any length to get her hands on the goal of her objective.  She claimed his Poké Ball after fulfilling her contract.  He was, accordingly, the last Pokémon she obtained.  His name, "kaden," means "angry" in Mando'a.  And the name definitely fits the Pokémon.  
—Obtained during completion of a mercenary contract.
K'oyacyi! wrote:Rhav is slightly taller than her sister Sheresh, topping out at five feet and nine inches tall.  She has a solid build, well-muscled but not overly so, and weighs approximately one hundred and sixty seven pounds.  Despite the fact she's a touch bulky, she's also very capable of using it to great effect, both for intimidation, and in interpersonal relationships.  Her red hair is kept trimmed short enough to never need braiding to fit beneath her buy'ce.  Her eyes are a startling shade of blue.

A total immersionist into the Mandalorian culture, Rhav tends to live in her kit, preferring her armor from the day-to-day, and the hardened under suit when the armor is somehow inappropriate.  Her full armor is a grayish purple, highlighted with blue with a matte finish, with the colors chosen for obviously personal reasons.  Formed out of light weight titanium ceramic plating and kevlar weaving, the armor's metal is about as near as real day technology can get to beskar'gam without taking a trip through a non-existant hyperlane.

Various bits of the armor are made out of leather-covered kevlar, specifically the pauldron, while the belt and pouches on it are made out of the same thick, sturdy rawhide as her sisters. The under suit itself is also made out of molded kevlar. She has foregone the use of a cape, instead preferring a supple grey kama that hangs from her hips, and keeps her posture positive.  Coincidentally, she teases her sister for her even occasional use of a cape.  

When completely out of her armor, as rare as it happens to be, Rhav wears form-fitting black jeans, various tops in violet or slate gray, a holster at her hip, and a supple black leather jacket.  That's her traditional gear, but she'll wear just about anything that's comfortable.  Dangling around her throat is a necklace with the symbol of her people, a small white 'mythosaur' skull.  Otherwise, the 'down time' outfits are pretty nondescript, nothing fancy, nothing special, just basic clothing and a pair of dark hiking boots.
Artwork by SerenFey (front) and Kiriye (back).
Artwork by Ayshala (far left),  bendiwise (middle left), Yllaella (middle right) and ZenithOmocha (far right).
Verd ori'shya beskar'gam wrote:Once upon a time, people who knew Rhav might have described her as an openly kind, and very focused young woman who knew exactly what she wanted out of life. These days, only the last part of that statement would be true. Rhav's behavior around other people has been heavily colored by the way her life has gone since she graduated High School. The previously sweet tempered woman gained a harder edge to her, though she maintained the even tempered attitude applied to her personal interactions with people, even after the troubles she went through.

Rhav has two very distinct faces that she puts forward. One is what she calls 'herself'. Confident and self-assured in the face of whatever life throws her way, with a heavy splash of determination, this is Rhav at her most natural, with the usual twinge of self-doubt that most people typically have after some type of major upset in their life. This is the Rhav that people tend to deal with in her personal life and the side of her that those she is close to, especially her sister and parents, are used to seeing.  

She's attentive when people speak to her, dismissive when a topic she doesn't like comes up, and has very strong opinions on those things she finds of greatest interest to her.  She's stubborn when she sets herself to an opinion of something, and it takes a lot to make her change that opinion.  All simply facets of Rhav and the way she's grown as life has influenced her.  

The second face that Rhav puts forward is her business face as a Mandalorian.  She's no less ruthless than her sister, doing whatever is necessary to complete her job.  She has a strong dislike for failure, in herself more-so than in others, though she often shows criticism of those who fail.  The only person she rides as hard as herself when failure is involved, is her sister, and the two have an unspoken agreement to push one another toward success in all they do.  
Tion'ad hukaat'kama? wrote:
Name: James Kurtis — There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.
Age: 75
Gender: Male
Relationship: Father
Trainer Orientation: Lawful Good
Trainer Class: Pokémon Ranger

The previous leader of the Boy Scouts in the family's home town, James is probably the one to "blame" for Rav and Sheresh's obsession with everything out doors and wilds. He was the one that introduced the girls to camping and wilds and everything girly girls are supposed to not do. While both girls were barred from joining the Boy Scouts because of gender, James always made a point to invite them along on all their outdoorsing off the record.
Name: Madison Kurtis — Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Relationship: Mother
Trainer Orientation: Lawful Good
Trainer Class: Ordinary Lady

While she doesn't quite understand her girls decisions, and she adamantly continues to call them by their birth names, Madison is nothing if not supportive of her girls. Madison is where Rav and Sheresh get their spitfire attitude, as both girls have said many a time that Madison would made a right proper Mando because they knows their mother has the right attitude for it. Mandokarla. For better or for worse, though, Madison is content being a house wife.
Aliit ori'shya tal'din wrote:Rhavena was the first born child of Madison and James, and was the first one that James inflicted his love of the wilderness on.  She accepted without complaint, of course, every bit a tomboy as she trailed in his wake.  She started on the Boy Scout missions and camping trip with her father when she was five, and this continued well into her adolescence, until she finally 'outgrew' the trips, if only because of her age and the priorities of classwork.  

Regardless, this didn't change her enjoyment of physical activity and she ended up throwing herself into the wrestling league at her school, martial-arts training, ROTC, camp work in the summer, and state park volunteer work.  Not all of her pursuits were athletic, however, and she fell into two other loves the Star Wars fandom, and all-terrain racing.  When she graduated High School, she immediately enlisted into military service, specifically the US Army.  She served in the military from 2000 to 2008, when she was given a medical discharge due to injury received in the line of duty.  

She picked up the Republic Commando novels around the same time as her sibling, and embraced the Mandalorians as her favorite every bit as much as her sister did.  She wasn't able to spend as much time immersing herself in the 751st cosplayer groups as much as she would have liked due to her time in the service.  While her injury prevented her from active service in the military, she was no less active than before, if having to go easy on her ankle.  

When she found out that Bri had gone rogue, and came back speaking Mando'a, she wasn't surprised, and responded in kind.  After her discharge, and once her injury had healed, she found work with the same mercenary group as her sister, serving as a hand-to-hand combat and vehicle specialist.  When some of them split and went Mandalorian, she was right there beside her sister, dropping the last part of her name and changing it legally to adopt the same surname.

While she doesn't have any specific major position within the Mandalorian community, she is the unofficial advisor for her Mand'alor, helping to keep her on the straight and narrow, and using her sister's presence to keep herself just as grounded.  
Ret'lini wrote:Regular Abilities______________________________________
└-Skills, professions, knowledge and talents.

Craft: (Metallurgy, Smithing: Beskar): Rhav first got into metallurgy one summer where a wild hair put her delving into blacksmithing and forging after attending a medieval faire event. It evolved over the years into a more serious pursuit to the point where had she not fallen in with the Mandos after her discharge from the military, she would have turned it into her profession. While Rhav was not the first person to smelt and forge Beskar, she has become the group's foremost expert on production, and smithing of the notoriously difficult to manage alloy.

├─Classification: Talent
├─Category: Skill
└─Power Level: Master

Martial Abilities______________________________________
└-Weapon specializations and fighting styles.

Firearms: Having first served in the military, and then hiring herself out as a mercenary, Rav knows her way around her guns, especially her favored ones. It goes without saying that she is skilled at employing them when needed. Her weapons of preference are usually handguns, shotguns, or battle rifles.  Her highest degree of proficiency is with handguns, followed closely by the designated marksman rifle.  While she generally prefers close-range combat, she is capable of utilizing the DMR to great effect.

├─Classification: Physical
├─Category: Weapon Proficiency
└─Power Level: Expert

Mixed Martial Arts: Between wrestling in high school and military training, Rav is trained in a mixed martial arts style combat, combining various moves from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and her own unique spin on the kicking techniques of Tae Kwon Do.

├─Classification: Physical
├─Category: Fighting Style
└─Power Level: Expert

Besbe. wrote:Weapons_________________________________________________
└-Weapon and munitions.

MFAR392 Designated Marksman Rifle:  The MFAR392 Designated Marksman Rifle is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, gas-operated select-fire bullpup rifle that fires 7.62x51mm ammunition. It takes a fifteen round detachable box magazine. The weapon has a mounted optic capable of 3x magnification, and it possesses a fire selector switch located above the grip of the weapon. The MFAR392 also has a magazine release button which is located directly above the magazine well, behind the trigger. The weapon has two ejection ports, one on the left and right hand sides of the weapon respectively, so that a left or right-handed shooter can fire the weapon. Rhav's utilizes a MFAR-60B magazine to increase the available ammunition, preferring to get the most shots before having to stop to reload.

Misriah Industries MFAR-12C/SOCOM: The MFAR-12C/SOCOM variant is a special issued handgun to special operations units. In lieu of the KFA-2 sight used on the M6D PDWS, the M6C/SOCOM utilizes the VnSLS/V 6E smart linked 4x scope, enabling the user to eliminate targets at long range while incurring limited recoil due to the integral sound suppressor and compensator. It fires M228 12.7mmx40mm (.75 caliber) SAP-HP ammunition from a twelve-round magazine. It has a considerably high rate of fire with an long effective range, being able to hit a target accurately at about fifty meters.

ROS 7" Combat Knife: Having purchased one from Seafoam, Rhav uses the Republic of Seafoam's multi-purpose combat knife. It has a 20 centimeter (7.9 in) blade made of high carbon steel, an anti-flash non-reflective titanium carbide coating, edge coated for corrosion and rust resistance. It is also balanced enough for throwing. Rhav keeps this knife in a hidden sheath on her right arm, which is loaded in such a way that the knife and swiftly and silently be brought into her hand.

Forging Hammer: Carried on her belt, this is one of the many tools that Rhav usually uses in the forging of "beskar". Conversely, this particular hammer has also seen a lot of use in combat, utilized during her melee fights for personal defense. It has become a well known fact that if you wan't to beat Rhav in a hand-to-hand fight, don't let her pull the hammer free from her belt. There are rumors that she once used just her hammer to beat down a pair of men who had come to attempt to capture her. Rhav is amused, because there were, by her count, four soldiers involved in that skirmish.

└-Armor, shielding, and wearables.

Mandalorian Combat Armor: Built to visually resemble the armor of Star Wars fame, this armor is intended to provide maximized protection in combat for its wearer. It is 175% more effective at stopping incoming fire than the most advanced current US combat armor, such that wearers have been deemed bulletproof by surviving enemy combatants due to the increased protection affording ample time to eliminate opposing forces. It also functions as MOPP gear, able to seal and filter against CBRN threats. The helmet serves as the control center for most of the suit's abilities. A rangefinder attached to the armored helmet is a common upgrade and can track up to thirty targets, while a battle computer inside the helmet allows the wearer to control the suit's weapons, sensors, and jet pack (if included) through verbal commands. The dark view plate offers a variety of vision modes, including infrared. A pineal eye sensor on the helmet combined with an internal overlay display to provide tracking information within a 360-degree radius. Motion sensors, an encrypted internal comm system, and a broad-band antenna completes the helmet's devices.
Ret'urcye mhi wrote:She knew that crack of rifle fire anywhere, as one of the 'heads' of the approaching darkspawn split like a melon and exploded all over the concrete it was crawling over.  

"Vor'e, Sher'ika" she grinned inside her helmet and punched the gas on the 'hog, simultaneously saying a prayer to who-knows, as the vehicle finally slammed into reverse.  The belch of fire from above had her eyes turning skyward, and then ahead to the now ruined road, and the strewn and smoldering corpses that dotted it.  

"Kandosii!"  She raised a hand in salute to the pilots who had helped save her armored ass, and whipped the 'hog around with the other, to double back to where her sister was:  she was holed up, but providing cover fire.  Meanwhile, Rhav was itching to get out into the middle of the fray, off the back of the vehicle.  But that meant a hand-off to someone else who could drive the damn thing.  

Thinking about it, she figured she had the right idea with where she was headed.  "I'm doubling back to your position, Mand'alor."  She figured calling her little sister a second time wouldn't be appreciated.  At least, not right now; she'd get a good ribbing for the first instance of it later, but sometimes that came out before Mand'alor did, and both sisters knew it.  

As she turned the hog around on a squeal of tires, and headed back across ruined streets, she caught a brief glimpse of the hell that was still bubbling on the streets.  And it looked like whatever was skyward was the main cause of it – but while she was good, her 'hog couldn't become airborne and stay that way.  But, depending on how wide the stairs were in the nearest building – well.  She was pretty sure she could drive the damn thing up to a roof.  She'd done worse.  There was a reason that every vehicle she was in was renamed "siege engine".

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