Orange Ocean Expedition

The hundreds of square miles of water that encompass the Orange Archipelago, butting up against the Sevii Islands in the north. They are home to many warm water, tropical Pokémon and roaming pods of Orange Island Lapras. Many summer cruise vessels make these waters their market and home.
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Orange Ocean Expedition

Post by Archerlord » February 19th, 2020, 12:59 pm

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Misty returned to her Lapras to leave the two Pokémon rangers to their expedition. They were skilled enough not to need supervision due to their training and could handle themselves.

Cole clutched onto the top two corners of Starmie and rode on its back as it dove deeper underwater. He had been swimming before but diving underwater was a completely new experience. There was no denying that this was an experience unlike any other, one which would stick in his memories for a long time. All he needed to do now was to catch a Staryu to really make this day special. It was just a matter of finding one, and given what he Misty said, they were towards the seafloor.

Cole looked over his shoulder back to Zella on her Tentacruel. Communication underwater was going to be tough, but he was sure that Zella could look out for herself. He pointed towards the seafloor, then turned back. Starmie started to dive deeper, aiming for the seafloor, so that the ranger could find a Staryu to catch.

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