Tajiri, Satoru "Red"

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Tajiri, Satoru "Red"

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... wrote:Name: Satoru Tajiri
Nickname: Red
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Pallet Town, Kanto
Family: Unknown (Father), Mother Tajiri (Mother)

Trainer Orientation: Chaotic Good
Trainer Class: Pokémon Master, Trainer, Champion
Trainer Title: Pokémon Fighter
Starter Pokémon: Pikachu
Image 8Dawn - This Is Why I Was Born
Context: Character Theme

Wakakusa Kei - Kami no Itte
Context: Character Theme

Trainer Red Epic Orchestral Theme
Context: Vs. Battle Theme

Lavender Town/Pokémon Tower Metal Remix
Context: Shadow Battle Theme
... wrote:Image Pika [Male Pikachu] — "Pi... ka... CHU!"
Pika is Red's first Pokémon, and has been with him since he started his Pokémon journey at age 11.  Pikachu himself is loyal to a fault, though he has a very wide mischievous streak, and tends to shock the hell out of Red to 'guide' the man into doing what Pikachu thinks is right.  Also, to be vindictive when Red puts him in a Poké Ball for any length of time what-so-ever.

After the events in Ilex Forest, during which time Pikachu was killed by the Darkness and subsequently resurrected by Red's Aura, the electric mouse Pokémon has physically changed, his fur permanently blackened by the trauma he endured from the Darkness' lightning that struck him down.

—Starter Pokémon.

Ability: Static
Nature: Sassy
Move Pool: Brick Break, Flash, Iron Tail, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Surf, Quick Attack, Volt Tackle
Held Item: Light Ball

Image Fusshi [Male Venusaur] — "Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and vines excite me."
Fusshi was given to Red by Professor Oak after Oak observed Red, with little training, able to command the, then Bulbasaur, to use Solar Beam.  Fusshi is strong-willed, but loyal, as all of Red's companions are.
—Obtained from Professor Oak.

Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Gentle
Move Pool: Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder, Solar Beam, Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant, Sweet Scent, Poison Powder, Earthquake
Held Item: Air Balloon

Image Gyara [Male Gyarados] — "Magikarp will never amount to anythi... *spittake*"
Gyara is a unique case for Red, as this Pokémon was not originally his, but was traded to Kasumi for a Krabby he had previously captured.  When Red first recaptured the Pokémon, he had been out of Kasumi's control, having been captured and experimented on by Rocket-dan.  His nature is still volatile, and he can be very violent, but has a grudging respect for Red, who does his best to show patience with the beast, and help him channel his rage in a more positive manner - battling.
—Obtained in a trade with Kasumi.

Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Lonely
Move Pool: Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Surf, Ice Fang, Dragon Rage, Crunch, Flame Thrower, Protect, Waterfall, Dragon Tail
Held Item: Mystic Water

Image Aero [Male Aerodactyl] — "DINOSAURS!... WITH LIGHTSABERS!"
Aero is certainly a unique case on Red's team, having been given to him in the form of Old Amber by Giovanni of Rocket-dan, despite Satoru not knowing that was the case at the time.
—Obtained from Giovanni as Old Amber, resurrected with the assistance of Blaine.

Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Nasty
Move Pool: Hyper Beam, Take Down, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Tailwind, Sky Drop, Rock Slide, Roost
Held Item: Float Stone

Image Snor [Male Snorlax] — "Zzzzzzz."
Snor was captured by Red when he was blocking a bicycle race that Red was participating in.  With the assistance of Fusshi, who was coated in honey at the time, he was led off the road he was blocking.  Satoru won the race, but his hard-earned money was then spent feeding the glutton, who is driven into a frenzy whenever he smells honey.  Needless to say, Red keeps him very far away from anything remotely honey-scented, or tries to, anyway.
—Obtained while trying to win a bike race.

Ability: Immunity
Nature: Impish
Move Pool: Mega Punch, Strength, Headbutt, Mega Kick, Harden, Double-Edge, Toxic, Belly Drum, Rest
Held Item: Wide Lens

Image Vui [Male Espeon] — "Did you just read my mind? Uh-huh. But how...? Muffin button. What? Huh?"
Vui was an Eevee that Red captured under the direction of Erika.  Vui had been genetically modified by Rocket-dan, something that resulted in unstable DNA, allowing him to evolve and devolve into his various states (Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon) when exposed to new stones.  Through careful work and a relationship of mutual trust, Red helped heal the emotional trauma of the Pokémon, who permanently evolved into Espeon, losing it's unique ability.  Regardless of the utility that it's previous ability provided, Red much rather prefers Vui as he is now.
—Rescued from Rocket-dan with the assistance of Erika.

Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Mild
Move Pool: Morning Sun, Psychic, Bite, Hidden Power: Fire, Swift, Mud-Slap, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Yawn, Grass Knot
Held Item: Twisted Spoon
... wrote:Image Tang [Male Joltik] — "Uhm... uh... uhm... ex... excuse me."
Tang is a small and unassuming little fellow, quiet and shy, withdrawn from his time being experimented on by Team Rocket.  While there is no account of the extent to which he was experimented on, he has relaxed only marginally since Red rescued him.
—Rescued from Rocket-dan.
Image Image
... wrote: Physically, Red may not seem like much, but he is well built enough for a 22 year old male, a sleeker physique with a subtle undertone of muscle, brought on by his years on his Pokémon journey.  His eyes are uncharacteristically red, which, aside from his preference for the color, earned him his nickname.  He has black hair that is short and generally unkempt, rarely combed, and usually tucked beneath the red and white hat he wears.  

In terms of clothing, he wears a variety of outfits, but the one that people are most likely to see him in are a pair of blue jeans with a slender white belt, well-worn red and white shoes, a black t-shirt covered by a short-sleeved red and white jacket, and black and white fingerless gloves.  His outfit does tend to lend towards his public image as untouchable, but aside from that, it's also quite practical, with the lighter jacket being replaced by a heavier coat in inclement weather. Sometimes.
Image Image
Artwork by unknown (front) and Mayokiti (back).
... wrote:Red's personality is both complex, and yet incredibly simple.  He has a very abiding sense of loyalty, and is very sentimental.  He also has a strong sense of fair play, and refuses to battle an opponent who has a disadvantage, feeling that their defeat would be no fun.  He has an intense love of battling, and was dubbed by Professor Oak as the 'Fighter'.  

In casual situations, his attitude is very easy-going, but he approaches most things, battling especially, with a distinct seriousness.  The years have mellowed him some, and his attitude has, of course, changed as he's grown.  While battling is still his first love, he spends much of his time still traveling, filling his Pokédex, and learning everything he can about Pokémon.  

He tends to be what some consider the strong silent type, though he does get very vocal when Pokémon, anything to do with Pokémon, or anything to do with battling is involved.  

Strictly speaking, Red tends to enjoy battle in all it's form, and through several of his scuffles with Rocket-dan, has learned to fight himself, and has been known to do extreme things, such as fighting a Pokémon himself, with his bare - er, gloved - hands.  He has grown a good bit proficient at street fighting, and gives off an air that usually warns away anyone looking to start a fight with him.
... wrote:Satoru first began his Pokémon journey when he was 11 years old.  While the first details of his adventure are sketchy, what he does claim as truth is that his first Pokémon was a Pikachu, though he was fascinated with a Poliwhirl who had taken up residence not far from his home.  While he considered the Poliwhirl 'his', and would eventually catch this Pokémon, the first companion he gained in his adventures was actually Pikachu, and he will deny anything else as a falsehood.  

Over all, his journey has been a long one, with punctuating events, such as finally catching the Poliwhirl he had been so fascinated with, helping Professor Oak recover a Bulbasaur that he kept even into adulthood, meeting the various gym leaders, and eventually overcoming their challenges, and, more humorously, entering a bike racing contest and winning with the very clever use of a Bulbasaur, and honey to clear a Snorlax from the racer's paths, only to lose all of his money to feed said Snorlax, something that he doesn't regret.  Other notable events include his time as a stowaway on the S.S. Anne, a fight with a girl named Blue, his rivalry and brief Pokémon swap with Green, his capture of the odd Eevee who eventually becomes an Espeon, and his time in the Safari Zone where he narrowly escaped becoming lunch for an evolution ritual for a Bellsprout and Weepinbell.  

His travels have brought him in contention again and again with various members of Team Rocket, and while he doesn't specifically have any real grudge he does tend to openly confront members of Team Rocket when given an opportunity.  They have become a sort of vex to one another, he to Rocket-dan, and Rocket-dan to him.  

He inadvertently assisted and was assisted by Giovanni, whose identity he was unaware of, to obtain fossils and travel to Pewter City.  His battle with a pair of Magmar who had set the Pewter Museum of Science ablaze was observed by Giovanni, who apparently deduced he wasn't a threat, and then gifted the boy with an Old Amber.  Not long after this, Red spent some time trekking towards the Seafoam Islands, and after an underwater confrontation with a Dragonite while he was attempting to obtain and teach Surf to one of his Pokémon,, he was rescued by Kasumi, who traded her Gyrados for his Krabby.  Once on the Seafoam Islands, Red again encountered Rocket-dan, whose members were involved in a search for Articuno.  

This only touches the barest hint of his most well known travels, which semi-ended with a triumph over Green leading to his reign as the Champion of the 9th Pokémon League competition.  However, his journey did not stop there, and he once again continued traveling.
... wrote:Martial Abilities______________________________________
└-Weapon specializations and fighting styles.

Swordsmanship (Longsword): After the events at the Silken Skitty, Red is slowly training, with Giselle's assistance, in using a blade.  He is capable of very little in terms of flashy moves, and is attempting to get better, using practice swords, of course.  The man uses no specific style of swordsmanship, but prefers a more western fighting style than an eastern one, using raw power, rather than finesse.

├─Classification: Physical
├─Category: Weapon Proficiency
└─Power Level: Apprentice

Supernatural Abilities_________________________________
└-Psychic, aura or astral abilities.

Aura Projection: Aura Projection is precisely that, a projection of auric abilities outward in a concentrated attack form.  He is capable of focusing his aura into attacks, and defensive barriers, if necessary.  He is learning, but is still not as experienced with the traditional form of projection, as he is with the fusion method he uses.  

├─Classification: Aura
├─Category: Aura Projection
└─Power Level: Expert

Aura Telepathy: This allows Red the ability to read the minds and actions, and therefore intent of others.  This is of great benefit to him during his Pokémon duels, though he does not read direct thoughts, instead preferring to read mood and intent, and act accordingly.  He can use this ability to brush the mind of psychic users, but otherwise, he cannot use this telepathy to reach out to the minds of other individuals.  

├─Classification: Aura
├─Category: Aura Telepathy
└─Power Level: Expert

Aura Tracking: Using the power of his own aura, so long as he has been exposed to the aura of another, Red is later capable of tracking that user based on their unique aura.  He cannot do this over exceptionally great distances, but tracking where someone has been recently is rather easy.  This only works with other active aura users, because it requires that inherent expenditure of power to make them easier to follow.

├─Classification: Aura
├─Category: Aura Perception
└─Power Level: Expert

Aura Vision: This ability allows Red to sense the aura in each and every individual, even when completely blinded.  Years of becoming accustomed to this has enabled Red to see the Aura in others even at great depth – as evidenced when he viewed the aura of others through a wall in the raid at the Silken Skitty. (See Priority Shift.)

├─Classification: Aura
├─Category: Aura Perception
└─Power Level: Master

Elemental Abilities____________________________________
└-Powers from a Void Plate.

Psyche Warp: The ability to control the actions or alter the perceptions of others and the ability to specifically alter, erase or enhance the memories of others.  While Red is finding that he has these abilities, he has been very hesitant to use or even explore them to any even minor degree. As such, it remains an untapped part of his potential. He is uncertain if this could eventually be turned against the Darkspawn, but he is curious to try.

├─Classification: Elemental
├─Category: Mind Control, Memory Manipulation
└─Power Level: Novice

Unholy Connection: The mental connection to the Darkness's hivemind. Red's connection to the Hivemind is a very tenuous thing, and is currently limited to a one-way connection, in part due to his latent Aura's inhibition, and the fact that he overpowered the plate upon bonding with it. Rather than connecting him to the hivemind, it instead allows him to sense Darkspawn in a wide radius, and 'listen in' to a limited degree, as much of what passes for intelligence in the Hivemind is beyond his normal comprehension without intense focus.

├─Classification: Elemental
├─Category: Hivemind
└─Power Level: Apprentice

Unnatural Metamorphosis: The ability to channel dark energies to change life energy's features and existence. This also includes healing, but leeches energy from another source for this effect. Thus far, Red's only explorations into this gift have been to damage Darkspawn. This has been met with mixed results.

├─Classification: Elemental
├─Category: Metamorphosis
└─Power Level: Apprentice

Void Projection: The ability to create barriers or tangible forms of shadow energy, generally for attack or defense. Red is most proficient with this ability, as it manifests very similarly to his Aura Projection, just based on a different source. His control is still tenuous at times.

├─Classification: Elemental
├─Category: Dark Projection
└─Power Level: Expert

Void Step: A teleportative ability that rifts space and time and allows only those with connection to the Darkness to pass through it. His ability to manipulate this power is still very new, and he's only able to step across shorter distances. His capability with this is expanding every day.

├─Classification: Elemental
├─Category: Shadowwalk
└─Power Level: Journeyman

Unique Abilities_______________________________________
└-Powers unique to the character.

Aura Fusion: Red utilizes this ability in conjunction with certain Pokémon attacks to strengthen the base attack methods far beyond normal.  He's used this to punch holes through solid stone and steel.  Unfortunately, this is detrimental to both himself, and his Pokémon, usually causing them to faint.  They allow this with absolute trust, because Red always has and always will take exceptional care of them to ensure it never goes too far, even at the height of anger.  This is also draining on him, and he exercises the ability with great restraint, knowing that using it too many times will eventually take such a toll on him, he will likely die.

├─Classification: Aura
├─Category: Aura Projection
└─Power Level: Master

... wrote:Priority Shift - Red, Giselle & The Rocket Base Invasion, Tang's Rescue
A Moment to Breathe - Attack on Indigo, Aura-Powered Battle
Red Like Roses from Shadows - Red v. the Shadow Plate, Pikachu's Change.
... wrote:Satoru leaned back against the worn stone that time had carved into stairs.  A light snow drifted around him, but he felt no chill, just a slow building exhilaration.  Battle was coming, and it was coming soon.  He knew immediately when the young man who was coming to challenge him reached the entrance to the room that he stood in.  Pika, who had been perched beneath one of his legs previously straightened, and his ears pitched forward, as though listening.    

"I know," he commented as he reached down to lift the electric Pokémon up to rest on his shoulders, where the Pikachu curled, balancing itself against his neck with its tail extended.  He exhaled to control his mounting excitement, and watched the young man walk through the arch of stone that led to his perch.  

Where another trainer would have greeted the boy at the base of the stairs, Red said nothing, his hand reaching up to incline his hat forward, staring down at the boy through covered eyes.  He knew why the boy had come, and he couldn't help but begin to play out the potential battle scenarios in his mind.  As Gold placed one foot on the lowest stair, he froze, his eyes meeting Red's beneath the hat he wore.  

Gold had been nervous before, but that nervousness fled him, and was replaced with sheer mind-numbing terror.  You know that deer-in-the-headlights moment, where all you can do is stand with wide eyes and wait for death to overtake you?  That was the emotion that was the strongest, and the one that almost sent him fleeing back down the stairs, and straight out the front of Mount Silver.  


Slowly, one foot after another, the boy ascended the stairs to reach Red, his fear reaching an almost palatable state; Red merely glanced at Gold and reached for one of the pokeballs on his belt.  This was going to be an incredible fight.  

And those were the best kind.

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