(Pre-WE) Moving Into Melemele Range

Hau'oli City is a large commercial based city of Melemele Island. Here many resources can be found for quality of life and entertainment. Many stores sell various fashions of clothing, stores for tourists, and even a large mall stationed at the top left section of the city. The city also serves as the Island's travel hub, providing a large pier and transportation to the other islands as well as other regions. At the same time, city ordinance maintains many areas that are hospitable to wild Pokémon in order to help preserve what nature and habitats they have destroyed with zoning.
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Re: (Pre-WE) Moving Into Melemele Range

Post by Archerlord » March 17th, 2020, 9:21 pm

Noah continued to listen in with a smile. He pushed away his doubts about being in the presence of experienced trainers and just took in the moment. In this moment, he was talking with possibly some of the greatest trainers of his day. If anything, he should take inspiration from his time here today. One day, when he was accepted as a Water-type expert, he could look back on this moment and think about how he managed to find his success.

"Then maybe I should pay Professor Kukui a visit," Noah said with a nod as the others explained who the man was. "I'm going to have to see him if I'm going to take on the Alola League. The chance of getting a Popplio is an added bonus to that.

From the information Dexy gave, a Popplio would be an excellent addition to his team. Something playful to have fun with alongside Squirtle and Raichu, and possibly a way to bring Tympole out of his nervous state. Poliwrath might take some time getting use to the new addition, but he was like that. If Noah could train a Popplio, it would make a strong addition for his team.

Squirtle slowly recovered from having a full stomach and hopped down to the ground. He took a quick glance around, and seeing Raichu floating behind their trainer, wobbled over to join her.

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Yellow practically bounced in her chair, hands up and clenched, the accumulation of having such a good start in Alola already welling up in eagerness. She never was the type that sat around for long when she had something in mind, it was a wonder she was able to have the patience for fishing.

"Thank you so much! I don't really know too much about any of the Pokémon here, so it's really reassuring you've already gotten started here yourself." She was sure if it had just been up to her, she would have no idea where to start, and just end up doing the same old things she normally did just in a new place. She felt like she was on the verge of her next journey, or maybe she was just getting carried away with herself a little.

Letting herself settle, but not losing the enthusiasm she's welled up, she'd turn to Noah, "Meeting with professors seems to be a good way to start journeys off." She would look to Green for a moment, thinking over to all the amazing people's she's met, "It really does feel like professors have a tendency for sending off promising trainers to do amazing things." She would look to Noah with a smile, "I think you have a good shot, you've already evolved your Pikachu and it's just the first few hours! You're already doing better than me!" she finishes with a chuckle. Chu watches as the squirtle moves over to the Alolan Raichu, she would take a couple malasadas from the plate yellow prepared and greet the two offering one to each of them.

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The Porygon2, apparently named 'Mesh', looked over at Dexy zipping around like an old man squinting at kids on his lawn. It also looked down at Green's original-model Pokédex and scuffed at it with a digital foot a bit.

How could Green not understand this? He rolled his dull eyes with as much force as he could muster and then focused them on the representative projection of the digital creature. "Yes, yes. I'll get you your own shell. When we get home. Relax."

It's true what he'd said, Green had much to do here in Alola. Charjabugs to collect was more of a legitimate alibi, though. He was after information on Alola's strange energy fluctuations, the rumors of powerful alien invaders through cracks in space, researching their crystals and the special techniques to use them, and a bit of data that President Gladion clearly wouldn't want getting into anyone else's hands. Pokémon catching, Pokémon research, and espionage! Do what you love, work not a day.

But he had scheduled a bit of free time to start off with, so he was not currently pressed for time as he chatted with current company.

"Noah, just keep your chin up and an eye on your surroundings at all times. Finding that balance between cautiousness and confidence is what creates a true Trainer. The cautiousness to not fall victim to sudden events or make irreparable mistakes, and the confidence to not miss opportunities. Strive to be the best version of yourself you can be, so that you are worthy of your Pokémon's trust and faith. As well as serving as a role model for them. Have fun on your journey together, and enjoy the path of self-improvement as a team." Wisdom from one of the world's most acclaimed trainers.

And snacks from one, as well, apparently. Green's Umbreon seemed to appear between him and Yellow, choosing to move when no one was looking at that particular spot. Sliding into position, it placed a paw on his arm and made a quiet 'Um' sound. As if by reflex he freed something that looked similar to a Pokeblock from a bag at his side and set it on the Umbreon's outstretched paw whereupon it immediately and neatly began to eat. The Umbreon was an exceptional member of its species, its golden rings shined, its black coat was lustrous, and there was a faint ripple of flexible muscle beneath its coat as it moved. Even Pokémon of old veterans almost never reached close to a height like this, and Green was still in his early twenties.

"Good to hear, Jakkaru. I don't have to worry about the old man, he seems like a goof half the time but he's very capable. Still, I like hearing how he's doing from time to time. I don't get to drop in as much as I'd like to. Good to know he's still supporting the cause and hasn't run off on some fanciful idea again. We need more researchers and trainers out there finding their strengths and advancing our understanding of Pokémon. Here's to all of you." He lifted a glass of water and tipped it back after indicating the three others at the table.

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