Coumarine City Guide

Coumarine City is a port city located in the Kalos region. It is the hometown of the Gym Leader Ramos. It is an exclusive resort area made popular thanks to its clear skies and mild atmosphere.
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Coumarine City Guide

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Welcome to Coumarine City, the city where bay and butte are bound. Coumarine City is a large port city. The city is famous for it's long monorail that rides up and over a large bluff encapsulating a section of the town, and connecting it to another section that resides on top of the bluff, thus the monorail has become a main source of transportation. The city itself ships many luxury items such as incenses, and other goods, thus has been known for having a great selection of exotic goods.


Locations In Town

Seaside and Hillcrest Stations
These monorail stations are named after the famous two sections of the city, being the seaside section and the hillside sections of the city. These are also the two stations that were originally created, before more stations were built to extend them further. It's agreed upon that the view from between these two stations as you ride up along the bluff.

Locations Around Town

Kalos Power Plant
The Kalos Power Plant was build in the Lumious Badlands because of the lack of greenery making it perfect to avoid damaging floral habitats. This power plant still holds eco-friendly practices to a high standard and mainly generates power from solar energy.

Image Route 13 / Lumiose Badlands
Route 13 is a route in northern Kalos, connecting Coumarine City and Lumiose City, and is the location of the Kalos Power Plant. The route is also known as Lumiose Badlands. In the badlands, wild Pokémon will appear in the form of dust clouds. Since no plants can grow in the red clay of this great plain, it hosts the Power Plant instead.
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