Friend Pokémon Form

Here's where you can find the topics to request staff to play Pokémon or canons in your threads and also where you can document your character's abilities becoming stronger.
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Friend Pokémon Form

Post by PokéFiends PC » September 17th, 2018, 1:42 am

This is the place to come if you need to catch a wild Pokémon with a Styler. Similar capturing a Pokémon, the Ranger is allowed to play the Friend Pokémon from the start of the thread after this form has been filled and result generated. The difference is that the Friend Pokémon eventually leaves the Ranger.

The Pokémon that appear in each area are based on game and sometimes anime data. As well as that, we also tend to add the evolved and pre-evolved forms of what is there data-wise, because we assume that they would be there. The games don't include these for obvious reasons. We do because we want to fabricate a real seeming RP world. Because of this, however, you should avoid requesting fully evolved Pokémon if you're not strong enough to do so. You might not be able to believably catch it! Simply fill out the form and post below a moderator will roll your outcome shortly then you can get to roleplaying.

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[b]Thread:[/b] Link us to the thread where this Pokémon will appear. This will be the first thread for your total of four for this friend Pokémon.
[b]Character:[/b] Who is this Pokémon supposed to encounter?
[b]Pokémon to Be Encountered:[/b] Pick a minimum of three Pokémon that appear in the area your character is in. You can check the Location Guides, which lists the canon Pokémon appearances for both games and sometimes the anime, that are posted in each City's main hub.
[b]Shiny:[/b] A Free-Ranger will draw a random number between 1-200 for you, and if they get a 001, it will be shiny. If you don't want it to be... well. You can tell us here.
[b]Alternate Coloration:[/b] If your Pokémon has special traits, like a painted Ponyta, here is where you detail it. These can not be similar to the Pokémon's canon shiny form. More information on these types of Pokémon and true shinies can be found in Trainer's Guide. We simply request this here so we know whether or not what you're creating is believable.

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