Okaloosa Island

At the very end of the Seafoam journey and the Intercoastal Highway that connects the islands is Island Eight, known as Okaloosa Island, is a lonely little spit of land that contains nothing but the Island Eight Gym. One cannot even find a Pokémon Center on this island. It's recommended that you heal up at Island Seven's Pokémon Center and carry plenty of supplies before setting out for this island. Seafoam's military also conducts weapons test and evaluations on clearly-marked test ranges on this island.
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  • Okaloosa Gym
    The Gym can be found immediately upon arrival from Island Seven. Compared to the other Gyms of the League and their sometimes-extravagant themes, Island Eight's Gym is rather simple. Yumiko is the Gym Leader here, and she favors Flying types. Trainers who defeat her will receive the Wind Badge.
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