Commerce Island

The second population center of the Seafoam Archipelago, Island Seven, or Commerce Island, is much more of an industrial zone, containing most of the region's ports and military manufacturing plants. On the northwestern shore of the island, a small area has been set aside for the more affluent Seafoam citizens to set up their residences. This is where Island Seven's Gym, which doubles as a research and development center, is located.
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    A three-way combination of Seafoam's seventh Gym, also known as Autologia Gym, a military research and development center, and the Gym Leader's home, this Gym is run by Giselle. The military research division is off-limits to trainers, who would be more interested in the puzzles to reach her anyway. Upon arrival, potential challengers are issued an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, which they must then use to navigate a series of puzzles in order to reach Giselle. Her team is a mixture of Ground, Steel, and Rock types. Successful trainers earn themselves the Portal Badge. The ASHPD must be returned before leaving the Gym.
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