Melemele Island

Melemele Island is the northwestern of the four major islands of Alola. Tapu Koko is the island's guardian deity. It is home to Hau'oli City and the Pokémon Laboratory under the eye of Professor Kukui. Most youngsters beginning their Island Challenge start here, taking on the first Island Trial and Grand Trial on this island. It is a major hub for both natives and tourists.
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  • Iki Town
    Iki Town for many Island Challenge goers is the place to start, and is often where people come to get their Alolan starter Pokémon. This small mainly residential town, is a classic traditional Alolan living area, with a large stage in the center of the town for Pokémon battles, performances, and other events. Many important figures in the town live in one of many houses that circle the town center. North of the town is the Mahalo Trail, which leads up the mountainous center of the island to the Ruins of Conflict.
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  • Hau'oli City
    Hau'oli City is a large commercial based city of Melemele Island. Here many resources can be found for quality of life and entertainment. Many stores sell various fashions of clothing, stores for tourists, and even a large mall stationed at the top left section of the city. The city also serves as the Island's travel hub, providing a large pier and transportation to the other islands as well as other regions. At the same time, city ordinance maintains many areas that are hospitable to wild Pokémon in order to help preserve what nature and habitats they have destroyed with zoning.
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