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Welcome to PokéFiends, a Pokémon roleplay that incorporates an expansive world and an inclusive plot involving a sinister antithesis to Arceus trying to bring down the world. If you are new here, or just looking to brush up on some knowledge or answer a question you might have, you are in the right place. This web-directory houses all of the rules, lore and guidelines on the board. You can find most of the major topics on the left, but if you have a question you don't think is answered there, you can always ask directly.

Are you new here? Don't sweat it! This front page of the guide has all of the information you need to get going on the board. Just read the rules and plot below this section and finish up with the Getting Started section at the bottom of this page, which links to the pertinent topics you should read to get a gist of what goes on here at PokéFiends. After that, it's a simple matter of getting a character made and starting your first roleplay!

Respect your fellow members! This is the most important rule on the board. Generally, we ask that members respect one another enough to do things like follow the rules, be mindful of the beliefs of their fellow members, and not use derogatory terms or make inflammatory remarks. There is a certain level of tact that we expect people to display, so think before you hit enter and understand that other people will react to things differently than you.

Opinions are a thing. The staff isn't asking you to do away with your opinions, they're asking you to kindly keep them in check and not ruin the fun of the board by talking about topics that society understands to be uncomfortable, like racism, abortion, and so on. We respect your entitlement to have opinions of your own, we just ask that such heavy topics stay off the board outside the scope of roleplay.

Sometimes, differences happen. If you're not capable of getting along with someone, and the staff understands that not everyone is capable of getting along, kindly ignore them. Move on with your roleplaying, it's what we're all here for! If another member and you are having a hard time getting along, the general rule of thumb the staff follows is to encourage you to ignore them. Please do not start arguments with them and let the staff know if you feel like they are trying to start something with you or becoming a bother.

I like Spam, but I don't like spam. Please don't spam stuff on the boards, be it images or incessant multi-posts. Really this shouldn't be a problem unless you're here for the wrong reasons, but chances are if you're reading this, then you're here for the right ones. If you're here to advertise or affiliate with us, we have a board for that. Feel free to use it as you wish.

The internet is for...? The rules are lax, but do not ever post links out to adult images or sites. If you want to tell people about something funny you found that is a bit risky then link to it and make it clear in your post that it is not work safe/mind safe or that it's explicit.

Sign your signature on the X. Please no more than one image per signature. The size of the image should be no larger than 550px by 300px. If your signature is deleted, it's because you didn't follow this rule. If you have clickables from sites like Global PokédeX Plus or DragonCave or the like, you may have all six (or however many eggs) in your signature in addition to your image.

Be a busy, busy bee! Be sure to stay active. If you are going to be absent for an extended time, be sure to post in the Hellos & Goodbyes forum. We try to run an activity check every three months. We reserve the right to prune accounts with discretion. Even if there wasn't activity check, we sometimes will prune accounts if your account says you haven't logged in for x amount of months.

In the beginning, there was solitude.

There was Darkness, empty and cold, knowing nothing of life, but seeing and knowing all. In the beginning, there was all that was, all that is and all that will be; everything began and ended, ended and began, over, over and over, turn, turn, turn. There was nothing that has not been. There was nothing that will not be in that swirling miasma of darkness.

Then, as with most beginnings, there was light. Came forth into being, Arceus manifested. In doing so it drove the shadows away in its radiant brilliance, sending the Darkness to the edge of all creation, weak and afraid... And with that Pokémon, truly a god among the creatures, came the world and all things that walked the earth. Eons passed, crafted under Arceus's eye as the great forces came together at its bidding and formed the planet we call home. Then finally, its work done, Arceus closed its eyes and took to an unyielding sleep.

In time, all things change. The Darkness crept back into the world... feasting on the susceptible hearts of men, finding them a dish much more pleasant than the pure creatures civilization came to call Pokémon. War, theft, murder... All products of the shadows, the greater Darkness. There are those of men that would advocate this behavior. They create mock Legends, a pale attempt at playing god. They aim to alter the seas and the lands of the world for their own designs. They seek to be gods themselves...

And perhaps that is why Arceus reawoke with a pining cry, to see its creations wrought so in havoc by a shadow it had thought banished in the first days of the universe... perhaps that is why now, Arceus seeks to set true the course of creation...

Will you join the fight?

Still with us? Good! If you're just starting out here, then the navigation menu on the left can look incredibly daunting, right? Thankfully, you don't need to read all of the information in this guide to get started. Below is a handy list of the topics you probably need to read to get your first character equipped and ready to go.

Once you've read through them, step on over to the Character Registry to get started!

We can hear you saying it now... "The New Profiles forum says I need a password to access it!" That would be true. It was put on this page in hopes people would read the rules. Now that you've hopefully done so, the phrase to the New Character Registry is "cheese".